Classics, I believe are something which will never fade away or will never be out of focus.

Books are not only our best friend or teachers, books are our journeys written in pages and bind together with a beautiful cover for us to read.

Art as we all know is a reflection of our society and so is a book and classic books are those form of an art which every age could enjoy and relate to. In my words, “classic book is not an infatuation but true love which stays with us forever”.

If you are a lover of classic books then here I present to you several beautiful edition of classics which you can buy and add to your collection because being a book lover I know it is our dream to collect such editions and I have compiled a list of my favourite classics edition to make your task easier and to let your love for classics grow more

Barnes And Nobles Edition –

Barnes And Nobles have these wonderful editions of the classics that one can’t just ignore and will be always tempted to buy. They have gorgeous edition of the classics like Pride And Prejudice (Flexi bound Classics) Christmas Carol (Leather Bound Pocket edition) Emma (Barnes And Nobles Signature edition)


Penguin Edition –

Penguin is a name which we all are familiar with, we grew up reading Penguin’s books and it should not come as a surprise if this publishing house has one of the best classics editions. Whether, it is poetry or novels you’ll find beautiful collection for all of them. Penguin never disappoint me or any lover of classics and neither will it disappoint you.

Being a lover of poetry my favourite is Penguin Cloth Bound Poetry edition and my dream is to own all of them someday.

Vintage Classics –

Vintage Classics edition is my another favourite when it comes to buying classics with beautiful covers especially their Jane Austen Vintage Classics Series which is something all classic book lovers should have.

I do not own the pictures. Pictures from Internet.

All the books are easily available

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