The sky was clear and blue, no turmoil or trouble was present today to colour it grey and the cemented path like an old man didn’t talk about the pain it felt by being trampled on by its children. There was a certain kind of happiness, it was almost like a dream. And it was in this jocund day that the naive, soon to be warrior was out. However, he looked too carefree to be one who would carry the legacy and that was perhaps because the world has not touched his shoulders and gifted him the universal blessings – the burdens. Everything was possible in his world today and so was the dream of having a friend for himself just like others have. A journey should begin with this friend so the bonds of friendship just like trees, would grow deep and remain forever and surely it did begin, with the warrior marching ahead with a tattered shirt draped over his shoulder and no slippers on his feet as they were still a far fetched dream – unfulfilled and unreachable – implying that the world may not have visited him yet but the ritual of obscure glancing was complete. However, it was not a day about hardships and struggles but friendships and love so held tightly between the fingers of the soon to be warrior was a thin rope – a connection – that tied him to his friend having a black body supported by his four paws and made warmer by whiskers on his face and happier by the energetic bark and wagging tail. He walked proudly, being a loyal and noble companion, beside his innocent and soon to be warrior friend.

Some dreams may seem that they reside in depths of galaxies and that is where they usually do but once we invite them and welcome them with an open heart they subtly enter our homes to become ours forever.

Pictures from Internet.

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