Author – Audrey Maloney-Vangen

Publisher – Olympia Publishers

Genre – Poetry/Romance

Pages – 69

Ratings – 3/5

Blurb –

Let Audrey Maloney-Vangen whisk your imagination away to beautiful beaches, violent storms, snowy lands, and Rocky Mountains in this collection of personal and vibrant poetry.

Audrey takes her readers on an adventure through a retelling of her childhood in her native country of Trinidad, her travels in Canada, and her holiday in breathtaking Venice.

For all her happy memories, Audrey also adds a very special personal touch to each poem, and her heart-warming love story of how she met husband, her relationship with God, and the loss of her daughter all culminate in a collection bursting with raw emotion.

The collection can open your eyes to a vast world of culture, as well as a few life lessons in love, loss, and happiness.

What makes this book unique? Like her book cover photo, Audrey had attached personal photos at the end of many poems, which she took herself, in order to give her readers a visual treat, that captures the moods in her poetry topics.


The poetess, Audrey in her book has very beautifully described fragments of her life in such a way that the book along with the twenty poems forms a story itself. She introduces her book with a beautiful and surreal description of Banff and concludes it with her poem,The Journey of Love. I admire her rhyming scheme which was prominent in each and every poem and the simplicity and optimism with which she describes even a tragic event – death of her daughter. There is a sense of religious zeal prevailing in the book and with the poetess’s eye you experience that feeling perpetually in every poem. Her poems center around the theme of love in its various components – love for a husband, love for God, love for your hometown, love for new experiences and journeys, love for your family and friends. One of the remarkable element of the book were the pictures that Audrey herself has provided for her readers to comprehend her experience in a much better way along with her words. I would conclude my review in simply summing up the book as a ‘simple, heart warming journey of poems.’

I would recommend it to anyone who would want to read about an optimistic, religious journey of life.

I was given this copy by the publishers for an honest and unbiased review.

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