Author – Ali Land

Publisher – Penguin Random House

Genre – Psychological Thriller

Pages – 337

Ratings – 4/5

An intense gripping tale about a traumatised child of a serial killer and how it affects not only her but the lives of the people connected to her.

The book will take you on a psychological journey narrated by Milly Barnes, a fifteen year old girl and with every chapter we come to know about certain aspects of her character. She will make you feel sympathy but she will also leave you feeling surprised by the end of the book.

As it is a story about traumatised child, there are certain episodes which might not be suitable for you if you are sensitive. It’s a book pervaded with themes like sexual abuse and violence.

The book isn’t one of those fast paced thriller and if you are expecting that then it’s definitely not for you, it is slow and with every chapter you’re closer to unraveling the truths and lies about Milly and her life.

I liked how the author concluded the book because it was something which came as a surprise. The writing style of the author is impressive as you can slowly comprehend the workings of the mind of the main protagonist, Milly. It does not leave you with a sense of incompletion but rather with a sense of contentment.

I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reading a psychological thriller, it won’t disappoint you and once you finish the book you’ll comprehend the essence of the book in a better way.

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